EVALUATION AND ESTIMATES of Business interruption damages for insurance purposes



ASACERT offers an evaluation and estimation service for insurance purposes of the damage caused by the interruption of activities, that allows organisations to protect themselves from the risk of income loss in the event of a forced suspension of the work, facilitating the underwriting of insurance policies correctly “sized” on the value of the company itself.

An accident can cause serious damage both direct – linked to insurable tangible assets (buildings, plants, machinery) – and indirect – due instead to the consequences of the interruption of the activity that often follow a calamitous event, such as an earthquake or a fire .

Thanks to the consolidated technical expertise of its auditors specialised in the insurance engineering sector, ASACERT can provide third-party assistance for the preparation of preventive evaluation of direct and indirect damages for insurance purposes.

In detail, ASACERT performs an evaluation service of the company revenues through a detailed analysis of the production process, identifying which may be the most significant or frequent risks based on the type of activity performed by the client. Secondly, ASACERT elaborates through appropriate calculations and forecasts the amount of damages that the company would have to face in the event of sudden interruption of activity, in order to obtain an adequate insurance proposal.


The evaluation and estimates of Business interruption damages for insurance purposes  service offered by ASACERT experts allows companies to:

  • Obtaining adequate insurance coverage for the institution’s protection needs y
  • Paying an insurance premium consistent with the value of the company’s assets
  • Reducing the time to settle damages in the event of a claim
  • Minimise damage from business interruption.