Evaluation and estimates for insurance purposes



The evaluation and estimation service for insurance purposes offered by ASACERT provides a highly professional analysis carried out by experts in the sector aimed at determining the value of company assets liable to direct damage, such as fires, natural disasters and accidents in general, in order to obtain proper insurance coverage.

When an institution has to underwrite an insurance it’s necessary to value the assets correctly, in order to obtain an insurance contract that suits the real protection needed; the clause “Special agreement for insurance with declaration of value” allows the company to have its assets previously valued by a third party.

ASACERT, through its insurance engineering division constituted of expert technicians, offers its customers an impartial assessment and evaluation service for insurance purposes recognised by insurance companies.

The assets subject to the evaluation are considered in their current use, excluding statistical or forecast considerations from the calculation, however the need to make a predictive estimate is based on technical-economic and econometric models which by their nature represent intangible entities, when compared to the assets owned by the company (which include buildings, machinery, plants, equipment, furnishings, electronic machines, molds, etc.)

ASACERT can also provide the service of evaluation of indirect damages due to business interruption, by working in synergy with companies in order to develop a complete and effective insurance plan.


Having a correct and exact evaluation prepared by independent professionals, and updated annually is essential for:

  • Obtaining adequate insurance coverage for the institution’s protection needs
  • Paying an insurance premium consistent with the value of the company’s assets
  • Reducing the time to settle damages in the event of a claim
  • Minimizing the additional costs in the event of a claim.