Assessment and estimates of assets



The asset evaluation service offered by ASACERT aims to establish the exact value of tangible company assets through objective evidence. Given the peculiarities of the different items, each evaluation activity is independent of a predetermined processing scheme and is customised based on the characteristics of the individual asset to be evaluated.

The objects of the evaluation can include:

  • Buildings, general installations, specific production plants and machinery, etc.
  • Plots of land
  • Fixed Assets
  • Tangible assets (cars, works of art, …)
  • Corporate assets.

ASACERT provides multi-level asset valuation services thanks to the specific skills of its technical experts in the field of evaluation. The determination of the economic value of assets for capital purposes can be useful for assessing, according to objective parameters, the amount of assets held by natural or legal persons.

Following an accurate and methodical procedure, which can be custom from time to time on the object of evaluation, ASACERT auditors carry out a precise analysis of the assets and determine the estimate. As a third-party evaluation body ASACERT is recognised by the market and enjoys the trust of insurance companies, thus guaranteeing the customer the utmost seriousness and security in the evaluation.


An asset evaluation involves numerous benefits, including:

  • Proper estimate of the value of the asset
  • Custom analysis of the item
  • Correct insurance proposal, if necessary.