Project and design assessment

Projects and design assessment represents a required activity for the final approval of a construction planning.
Many European countries introduced by law the design assessment in infrastructure projects as a pre-requisite to construction.

In order to prevent design errors, additional costs and delays during the construction process, ASACERT provides the service of projects and design assessment along the whole construction planning, from preliminary drafts to the final design project.

The service

ASACERT verifies the conformity of the design to the legislation in force and the suitability of the documents, issuing a Final Report when the non-conformities found are corrected.

Based on the assessment plan ASACERT performs design verification and assessment services focused on the following issues:

  • Design process assessment
  • Compliance of the design with the customer requirements
  • Compliance of the design with applicable codes and standards
  • Completion of the design and drawings
  • Structural analysis assessment
  • Electrical equipment assessment
  • Construction quality plan assessment
  • Safety and environmental plan assessment

Advantages of the Project and design assessment

The project and design assessment service provided by ASACERT allows the customer to comply with the law and the rules of good construction practice. The fundamental objectives of the verification and validation of the project are:

  • Guarantee of compliance with design choices
  • Adequacy of the economic plan
  • Protection of the Contracting Authority
  • Guarantee of work contractability
  • Reduction of changes in the construction works due to design errors
  • Decreased risk of additional costs and delays in implementation