The GBC HOME® rating system is a tool for the residential market promoting healthiness, durability, cost-effectiveness and best environmental practices in the designing and construction of buildings. The GBC HOME® classification system is based on the directives of the American protocol LEED 2009 “New Construction and Major Renovations”; the American system has made the appropriate modifications that make GBC HOME® perfectly in line with the housing characteristics and the diversity in the constructive model of the Italian reality. The GBC HOME® rating system is dedicated to small and large residential buildings and also includes those buildings that have a part used for non-residential functions, such as offices or small commercial activities; moreover, the same protocol can be applied to buildings with a receptive function up to fifty beds.

The GBC HOME® building sustainability assessment system is a voluntary system, based on the common consensus of the members and driven by the market. GBC Italia, Body that certifies the GBC HOME® projects, uses Accredited Bodies to carry out the audits; these Accredited Bodies coordinate teams of inspectors, who must be qualified by GBC Italia. The registration contract of a building for certification and the contract for obtaining audit services are signed by the project owner, or by a legitimate representative, with GBC Italia. The review process is divided into design and construction phases and also includes site inspections.

Once the activity of verifying a project has been assigned to an Accredited Body, the design/construction team will deliver the evidences for the inspection activities (on-site and documental) to GBC Italia, so that all the necessary audits are carried out. The inspectors will then deliver the lists, the audit forms and the inspection reports to GBC Italia and the Accredited Body will carry out the final congruency and completeness assessment and deliver an inspection report to GBC Italia. A final review will then be carried out on the process: in the event of a positive result, GBC Italia will establish the level of certification that can be assigned and will carry out administrative assessment, to then grant the project certification through a certificate and an optional plate.

The whole system is put into practice through software tools and documents prepared and managed by GBC Italia. ASACERT is an Assessment Body accredited by Green Building Council Italia for the GBC HOME® certification scheme. On behalf of GBC Italia, the certification body owner of the protocol and holder of the certification scheme, ASACERT can therefore carry out specific inspection and audit activities. The accreditation by GBC Italia implies compliance with pre-established requirements related to the structure, process skills and quality of the service, which also require ACCREDIA accreditation for specific schemes, as independent third-party bodies (type A) for the inspection activities (technical control and project validation) and as certification bodies of quality management systems in the IAF sector 28.