``The development of ASACERT isn’t just based on budget figures, it has its roots in the enhancement and growth of its staff. When investment in resources and development exceeds fixed capital investment, it means that your business stops being a place that merely produces and becomes a place that thinks. This allows us to offer substantial added value and a close working relationship with your business``

Fabrizio Capaccioli – Managing Director ASACERT

ASACERT Group offers inspection, certification and evaluation services to support companies in any sector and of any size in the implementation of control, assessment and estimation activities that require high levels of technical expertise, vertical skills and advanced equipment.
This means employing qualified personnel with up to date competences, a service approach conducted with professionalism and confidentiality, but also flexibility, proactivity and attention to the companies’ needs.
ASACERT professionals – spread throughout the world – have a specific sectoral competence and undergo periodic assessments in relation to new auditing methods and techniques, changes in sector regulations and the introduction of new certification schemes, with the aim of always guaranteeing advanced and reliable technical assessments. Our experience gained in different areas allows us to offer on one hand timely, specialised responses, and on the other to develop comprehensive services.

«We want to be an added value for businesses, contributing to their development and goals.
We support your employees with our expertise and professionalism, by transferring our expertise gained through years of study and work in the field. We seek continuous improvement, offering those who work with us a tangible, competitive advantage.»

In 2016, ASACERT obtained the legality rating (two stars) from the Italian Competition Authority, a tangible sign of its commitment in terms of quality, social responsibility, legality and transparency.
ASACERT stands out in the field of engineering assurance services for its propensity to act as a business partner thanks to continuous research and significant investment in technology and human resources.
ASACERT uses proven methodologies, to the highest standards in the industry, but also a personalised approach aimed at integrating ourselves into different operating environments, ensuring maximum reliability, competence and confidentiality, with a willingness to listen and pay attention to your business’s needs.